Gold Making 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am new to gold making, where should I start?

A: What part of the game do you already enjoy doing? If you like to level a lot of alts, maybe pick up gathering professions such as mining and herbalism and sell the materials on the auction house. If you like older content, then clearing dungeons and selling transmog gear may be for you. Why not try a little bit of everything and see what you like.

Q: What is the best class for gold making?

A: Any class is viable, however some classes do have advantanges. Druids are very popular as they are able to teleport to their sanctuary using the spell Dreamwalk, reset the instance, and then use the spell once again to teleport back to the beginning of a dungeon. This can save considerable time when repeatedly farming the same dungeon and not having to run back to the entrance to reset. Monks are also popular as they have a similar spell called Zen Pilgrimage, plus they are great for static farming using their Black Ox Statue.

Q: What addons would you recommend?

A: Trade Skill Master (TSM) is generally considered a must if you are going to be doing a lot of auction house selling and buying. Bagnon is also popular if you have alts that you will also be doing farming on. Saved Instances is great for keeping track of which dungeons and raids you have farmed and how long their reset cooldowns are.

Q: Why don't you talk about 'Auction House Flipping', 'Market Buy-Outs' or 'Cross-Realm Pet Selling'?

A: These are considered more advanced gold making techniques and are not really the scope of this web site, which is more of a general resource for new gold makers.